Purpose Discovery Benefits

Purpose Discovery is an important first step in understanding the contours of your unique genius and how you need to honor your heart and serve your people.

Then comes living and embodying your purpose—this is where the soul rubber meets the road. It’s a lifetime learning journey. Through practice, experimenting, serving, honing our talents, listening, responding to the times in which we live, our purpose evolves, deepens, and sharpens.

The Purpose Discovery program provides the foundations for living a soul infused life—one that has heart and meaning.



grounded in your truth

  • Live life as expression of your deepest values.

  • Develop an intimate connection with your soul’s unique gifts and how they need to be embodied.

  • Live with a sense of self authority, confidence and a heartfelt knowing that you are already powerful, wise, and prepared for living your purpose.

A SENSE OF belonging

  • To yourself, your community, your audience, to nature, and to the greater mystery of life itself.

  • A connection to the evolutionary forces of culture, nature, and soul.

  • A sense that you have a role to play in humanity’s unfolding story.

work at your growing edge

  • Peel away old scripts, outmoded purposes, and resistances.

  • Integrate wisdom practices that lead you across major thresholds—including severance, nature based questing, integration, and embodiment.

tools, technologies & practices

  • Take with you timeless tools and methods such as soul encounter technologies, creative inquiry, meditation, imaginal journeying, creative expression, altar making, and self reflection processes.

purpose momentum & a sense of urgency

  • A clear vision for yourself, the world and the people you serve.

  • The contours of your giveaway—your soul-centric transformational process that you offer your audience, regardless of your job/profession.

  • A feeling of momentum that naturally carries you towards purpose embodiment—getting out and living it.

  • Most importantly, you will feel compelled to live in alignment with your heart and to offer yourself wholly to the cosmic play that’s unfolding in our day-to-day culture.