Our world is overloaded with information and data, but lacking in the transmission of true wisdom. Our screens distract and divert us from our heart’s internal compass and the vastness of our imagination. We're conditioned to seek answers outside of ourselves—through the internet, cultural voices, or other sources—and then we lose the thread of our own true story.

So how do we fine-tune our heart’s ear and listen for what our soul is longing for?

Self inquiry is a practice that helps us examine the depths of who and what we are through direct questioning and observation of our own experience.

When we’re anchored in stillness and spacious awareness we can “catch” glimpses of the story waiting to be told.


At times, it’s helpful to have a guide who can lead us back home to get reacquainted with our true self. Brody calls this process Storycatching.

Through deep listening and soulful dialogue, he mirrors back to clients the images and aspects of the story that are most alive in the moment. Working together, the images and stories are unpacked until something breaks free as a truth to be worked with.

StoryCatching sessions are helpful for people who are starting down the purpose discovery path, are at a crossroads in their life, or need guidance in discerning their true voice.

StoryCatching Session

1-to-1 Guided Inquiry Session with Brody

60 Minutes

People come to a session with a specific question in mind. I help them amplify, deepen, and make meaning of their images, intuition, and insights as they arise throughout our dialogue.


Benefits of the Session

  • A devoted guide creating space for you to explore your questions.

  • A soulful discussion pointing you back to your truth.

  • Practical next steps to deepen your insights.

  • Developing trust in your own inner guidance.

  • A sense of connection to the mystery of who you are.

  • A practice for you to use in your daily life.

His gentle and insightful guidance helped me to go deeper into my core and become aware of my blind spots as well as my strengths. His calm and reassuring presence facilitated journeys into Spirit and Soul that otherwise I would not have trusted.
— N.S., Spain
Your guidance was very skillful—with just the right amount of inquiry, while leaving plenty of room for me to find my own way.
— L.T., California