Meggan Hartman, PhD

Founder of The Soul of Motherhood™, Purpose Guide, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Brody Hartman

Purpose Guide & Mentor, Storycatcher, Meditation Teacher

About Us

We live with our 2 children and the family dog, bunny, guinea pigs, and fish in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains. We’re surrounded by beautiful woods humming with a wide variety of birds, squirrels, and occasionally, black bears. Our little pocket farm and garden, and a flock of chickens keeps us busy year round.

About Meggan

As a child, I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina at my family’s summer camp. Most days were spent exploring the magic of the woods, darting between the hemlocks and tulip trees. In my teenage years, I pursued my love of the outdoors by accepting a job working with Outward Bound. What started as a seasonal position, turned into an eight-year adventure that took me from the Oregon Highlands to the Idaho Rockies to the Florida Everglades. This time outdoors played a formative role in shaping my journey. As I witnessed, up close, the rhythms of the nature, the formation of community, and the capacities of human resilience, I felt their gravity pull at me, beckoning me toward my deeper purpose.

In 2000, I decided to pursue my education full-time, completing a Masters and PhD in psychology. Not wanting to be confined to traditional therapy, I enrolled at Meridian University where they offered a program based on experiential philosophy and cutting-edge modalities for exploring consciousness. These were some of the best years of my life, studying the great clinicians and theorists in a supportive community of rigorously-minded peers and professors. It was these professors, with their dedication and insight, that inspired me to become a teacher. Since graduating I have taught at Warren Wilson College, Purpose Guides Institute, Meridian University, and spoken at international conferences. I believe that education holds transformative potential, and I’m grateful for the role I’ve been privileged to play in that alchemy.

The mountains of North Carolina eventually called me home, which is where I live now with my husband and two children. I still run through the woods every day and go for long walks out on the property of our farm. When I do, I like to turn on my favorite podcast, keep a lookout for the bears, and, every now and then, close my eyes to feel the sun shining down through the tulip poplar trees.


About Brody

Guiding People To Their Highest Purpose From Their Deepest Truth

I was nine years old when I experienced my first connection with a mysterious voice within me. I had just transitioned out of the NYC foster care system and was feeling particularly lost and confused. While staring into a painting I just finished, a clear, calm, ageless "voice" whispered you have to keep going, there's more you have to do. I thought to myself, "Was that me? Where did that voice come from?"  It was comforting. A wordless presence—a knowing—that gave me the feeling everything was going to be ok. 

That whisper guided me through life on a long journey to wholeness and out of a complex family of origin story. In my early twenties, I set out in earnest to search for the source of that mysterious voice.

My questions lead me to the door of many esteemed teachers, practices/practitioners, domains of study, healers, and lineages including meditation (Zen, Vipassana, Advaita, True Meditation), Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanism, Angeles Arrien’s The Four-Fold Way/Cultural Leadership Training, and Purpose Guide Certification. 

Ultimately, the path lead me right back to my own heart. As I now understand that original whisper to be both the transcendent Mystery, and the immanence of soul’s longing for truth, beauty, and goodness. If we allow ourselves to return to the sacred ground of silence, and show up to life with vulnerability, we learn there is nowhere to travel to feel whole, except into relationship with others and the natural world.

Professional Background

For 25+ years I traveled a creative and eclectic career path working with Fortune 100/500 clients, C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs,  mission driven health & wellness companies, start-ups, non-profits, and cultural institutions as a creative catalyst, strategist, writer, and a facilitator of purpose, vision, and values work.

I collaborated on a sculpture installation in the Presidio of San Francisco, co-founded two creative agencies and sold one, developed curriculum and taught Design as Social Change (and meditation) to graduate design students, and co-authored a children's book about wisdom.

In addition to co-founding Correm, I serve on the board of Purpose Guides Institute, where I am also a senior mentor and teacher.

Weaving A Life Together

I am deeply attuned to the challenges of crafting a life that has heart and meaning while balancing the realities of modern living (family responsibilities, financial “security”, time and cultural pressures etc). 

Living an integral life where the three rivers of spirit, soul, and purpose converge is hard work, especially in light of our modern culture. It’s at this nexus that I am called to serve. To help others explore their growing edge. To help them move through their default scripts and beliefs. And to help them make contact with the truth of who and what they are—already whole, already wise, already knowing, already a gift to life.

By weaving wisdom from different lineages, inviting imagination to expand possibility, creating a safe and loving container to hold transformative experiences, inviting silence, stillness and mystery into the journey, and working with nature’s boundless intelligence are some of the ways I guide.

My Guiding Compass:

Lead with/from/as love.

Vulnerability is courage.

Now is always the time.

Not knowing is true wisdom.

Belong to yourself and to a community.

Take responsibility.

Omnidirectional potentiality in every moment.

Be spoken by truth.

Paradox is the antidote to fixation.

Laugh more. (especially at ourselves)