“Deeply transformational”

Brody has this incredible, deeply moving, grounded sense of being, and it was visible in every communication we had together. I never felt anything but compassion and support from Brody, and I never questioned his dedication and support to helping me grow.

I feel eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to benefit from his work and time. Brody has a deeply transformational power that I believe his compassion and empathy would allow him to gift to anyone—personality and life stage aside. 

— K.T., California

It was the practical support, the professional deep level of involvement and the true interest in my success on the soul discovery path that made Brody the most outstanding teacher I have ever had—skilful, trustworthy, empathic, and wise.

— O.J., Russia

“If you are looking for someone to guide you back home to your soul purpose.”

Brody has this unique ability to guide you back home and to who you really are. He engages, inspires and gently guides you on your path, and at the same time, he challenges you when you feel a little stuck, or you are experiencing some kind of resistance. He is really dedicated to his work as a purpose guide, and one can soon see that this is a man that is truly aligned with his soul. He is warm, loving and attentive. I have only good things to say about Brody, and I can not recommend him highly enough if you are looking for someone to guide you back home to your soul purpose. Brody helped me realign with myself and my purpose, and for that I am forever grateful. I have complete trust in him and his skills as a purpose guide.

— M.R., Sweden

I feel a clear sense of direction and the steps I need to take to begin to implement and manifest my purpose in this world.

— L.T., California

“If you truly want to learn about your own personal purpose.”

I have experienced Brody in the Purpose Discovery Program as a loving and kind mentor full of wisdom and deep spirituality. Right from the start he provided an inviting and safe space where mutual trust could freely flow. With great sensitivity, Brody picked up on images and sentiments that held the keys to profound truths; some provided answers, others were doorways to terrain to be explored further. Even when we arrived at critical passages of our common journey he remained calm and gentle with never-waiving support. I highly recommend Brody as mentor and purpose guide if you truly want to learn about your own personal purpose in life and embody it. 

— T.B. Germany 

“Brody is an insightful, deeply compassionate and soulful purpose guide.”

Brody's mentorship of our small group was inspired.  He eased our painful difficulties with empathy and skill. He artfully led me in guided explorations to discover and embody my own deepest soul purpose. And he led each person in our small group just as artfully.  Brody is an insightful, deeply compassionate and soulful purpose guide.  I feel grateful to have made this journey with his guidance. 

— A.A., California

“I highly recommend purpose discovery work with Brody.”

“I was lucky to have Brody as my mentor during my Soul Purpose Discovery process. His gentle and insightful guidance helped me to go deeper into my core and become aware of my blind spots as well as my strengths. His calm and reassuring presence, yet playful, facilitated journeys into Spirit and Soul that otherwise I would not have trusted. I particularly enjoyed the weekly meetings that always seemed to flow easily and bring some unexpected magic with them. I highly recommend purpose discovery work with Brody.”

— N.S., Spain