The Eight Facets

The Eight Facets are the scaffolding for Purpose Discovery work. To live your purpose fully, all eight need to be engaged. These deepen and develop over time, and not all concurrently. Each facet builds on one another.

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Your soul's imagining of an ideal/evolved world, were you to embody your deepest aspiration and purpose. 


The deepest values that you are called to manifest in the world. These universal values reflect what you love and care for most—they are always beneficial to you and other beings.


Your unique genius and talents which enable you to fulfill your purpose.


The quality of your natural, effortless presence, which is a subtle transformative power. Examples: Gahndi, Justice; Mother Theresa, Compassion.


Your unique transformative process. This is the heart of what you do—regardless of your job/career—that is essential to your purpose.


Your assignment, or mission that you undertake to support your vision. This is the practical and tactical work that activates your purpose in real world terms.


An inspiring, essential truth you were born to communicate to your community and audience.


The visible system (career, profession, vocation) through which you offer your Giveaway to the world. Writer, lawyer, minister, comedian.