The natural landscape where we were raised, the culture norms we try to adhere to, family of origin pressures, one's inherent temperament and innate desires all influence the development of adaptive identities. These identities help us feel safe in certain situations, but can limit us in others.  

Through a variety of programs, we help people explore the structures of these adaptive identities, unlock the gifts stored within, and connect to their authentic identity.

Soul of Motherhood



At its origins, Psychology (psyche = soul) is the study of one’s soul. Soul Centric Psychology knows that each person is born with a unique spark and distinctive birth rite. Every person and mother has this inner genius that has the capability to imagine and create a world of meaning, heart, integrity, values, and resiliency. One’s soul longs for intamcy, new experiences, and greater ability to respond.

Through the conditionings of life and culture’s drive towards conformity, we can lose touch with our soul’s purpose and expressions. This can lead us to feelings of overwhelm, loss of the ability to creatively respond, loss of one’s personal power and voice, an inability to care for one’s self, and unsure of what has heart and meaning for them. As Micheal Meade states, “When it comes to the human soul, the real battle is the struggle to truly become oneself.” I add the feminine perspective: to truly become oneself within a community.

Mothering our children calls us to find and use our voice, to be reflexive and humble, to be resilient, to have the ability to creatively respond to the complexity of raising a child. Mothering our children requires us to access our unique potentials, our innate deep well of wisdom in order to be responsive to an ever changing child. Through the use of creative inquiry, guided mediatations, expressive arts, and talking, this nine-week series helps you:

  • Develop a relationship with your soul

  • Develop an understanding of your soul’s vision, powers, and essence that can be expressed through mothering

  • Develop an understanding of how your family of origin influences your responses

  • Develop an understanding of how culture influences your choices

  • Develop an understanding of how to be in authentic relationship with your child