The natural landscape where we were raised, the cultural norms we try to adhere to, family of origin pressures, one's inherent temperament and innate desires, all influence the development of adaptive identities. These identities help us feel safe in certain situations, but can limit us in others.  

Through a variety of programs, we help people explore the structures of these identities, unlock the gifts stored within, and connect to their authentic identity. Our programs explore practical spirituality, living with heart-centered equanimity, and soul-based parenting.

Soul of Motherhood

The Soul of Motherhood seminar is founded on the belief that every mother contains within her an innate wisdom that informs her vision, values, and actions. This inner genius has the ability to create a life shaped by heart and fueled by meaning. Often, discovering this potential can prove difficult in the busy throes of modern living. Amidst the daily demands, we forget the importance of self-care and the necessity for balance, believing the only way to do right by our children is by sacrificing ourselves. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Parenting is a dynamic process that requires integration. Just as we learn to juggle our relationships with a spouse or friend with the duties of motherhood, we must learn to nurture our own self-cultivation. Once this synergy is unlocked, mothering takes on a new dimension of experience through the rediscovery of joyful purpose.

The aim of this workshop is to discover your essential self from which you can parent. 
Over the course of nine classes, we will begin an exploration into the cultural and personal influences that shape our perceptions and relationships. We will examine the familial narratives handed down from past generations as well as our own prejudices and self-limiting habits. From this, we begin to pull back the layers and connect to our soul’s deepest wisdom, accessing a sense of meaning, creativity, and integrity through motherhood. 


Live Online Course

9 Weeks