A Map To True Self Coming home to your deep truth in disorienting times

A creative mapmaking journey Live Online Workshop With Brody Hartman September 2019 | Dates to Be Announced Soon!

The life-thread of the soul must take us on a winding path of self-discovery, for the soul finds its way by wandering.

— Michael Meade

There is no doubt that we are living in disorienting times and that many of us are longing for a meaningful path out of the wilds of modern culture, and the dead end roads of fear, division, and judgement.

With all the mapping apps in the world, not one of them can lead us back to our heart, our wisdom, and to the truth of who we really are, and why we’re here.

The most courageous work to be done in these times is to turn inward to explore our inner topography. To get reacquainted with the trail systems leading to and from the heart. While simultaneously leaning into the headwinds of our common story, and exploring the plains of imagination as we become mapmakers and trail guides of a new possible life together.

With an adventurer’s mindset and an archaeologist’s curiosity, we’ll retrace the routes (and roots) of our story through the deep valleys of life and along the peaks of our accomplishments, to gain a greater perspective about what our soul has been aiming us towards all along.


6 Modules of Creative Inquiry

In this highly experiential workshop you’ll take a creative pilgrimage along the contours of your original soul-centric map, and learn to orient your inner compass to a path of integrity, belonging, service, community, and purpose.

Through a progression of six modules, you will be guided through creative exercises, self-inquiry practices, meditation, honest group dialogue, and soul encounter experiences.

By the end of the six modules you will have crafted an artistic map reflecting your poetic story, the indelible moments that define your life, and your treasure of power and innate gifts.

You’ll weave poetry, creative writing, collage, and painting into your personal map and give voice to that which is hard to put into everyday language.

We welcome people with all levels of creative abilities.


Module 1: You Are Here

The journey begins by naming what’s most alive for you now. What’s the story in which you find yourself today? What is calling you deeper into your heart? What is longing for truth and meaning?

Module 2: Initiating The Journey as a Wanderer

Oriented from a place of “not knowing” and an openness to mystery, this module is an invitation to turn inward and wander deep into the woods of soul’s imagination. Like archeologists of the heart, we’ll listen for clues, symbols, and stories guiding us home to the true self. We’ll document our discoveries through poetry and other forms of expression.

Module 3: Thresholds and Growing Edges

We’ll explore all the flavors of resistance that tend to meet us at our growing edges. Such as the edge between surrendering and allowing, between self-acceptance and self-love, between living our true purpose and walking someone else’s path, and between the stories we tell ourself and the clear eyed truth. As a caring community, we’ll support each other as we cross our thresholds between inner life and the outer world.

Module 4: Hidden Treasure

In this module we’ll explore the beautiful and vast territory of the heart-lands as you seek to uncover your true gifts, powers, and values.

Module 5: The Red Road of Purpose

Looking back on our life through the lenses of biography, fate, destiny, synchronicity, teachers, blessings and lessons, we’ll mark the winding red road which led us to the ground beneath our feet. Though not always obvious, tracing this sacred road of life can shed light on our true purpose. We can see the patterns and the imperfectly perfect ways we lived our story in order for our gifts to be brought into high topographic relief. 

Module 6: Your Compass Rose, Legend, and Key

In this module, you will gather up the collected wisdom from the previous five modules and create additional navigation tools. You’ll be guided through exercises to help you annotate your own compass rose and a legend to add to your map. These navigation tools will be adorned with the symbols, images, totems, and reminders to help you return home to your truth.


All day long I think about it, and at night I say it: Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? Who hears with my ear, and speaks with my tongue? And what is the soul?

— Rumi


While the future isn’t upon us, and our experience together will unfold as is necessary for true soul-making to naturally occur, it’s our intention for you to:

  • Cultivate practices that bring you back to the center of your life, no matter what storms prevail.

  • Develop a felt sense of your soul’s magnetic north.

  • Discover a red thread of purpose that has shaped your life.

  • Practice traveling more freely between inner and outer life.

  • Discover what needs reclaiming and what needs surrendering.

  • Claim the wisdom of your story and see how it fits within our collective story.

  • Identify and own your gifts and powers.

  • Enjoy the flow of creative time through weekly projects.