“She brings a combination of love, strength, and wisdom to the guiding of souls, that is truly a rare gift.”

Meggan Hartman is an extraordinary guide on the inner journey. Her warmth, depth, and presence provide just the holding one needs in which to unfold. And her sensitive and delicate promptings - never too much and always just right - point us in new and rich directions.

She brings a combination of love, strength, and wisdom to the guiding of souls that is truly a rare gift. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her and I’ll always be grateful for the difference she made in my life.

— T.L., New York City

“An extremely effective guide.”

I had the wonderful good fortune to be assigned to a small Purpose Guide group hosted by Meggan. I found her to be an extremely effective guide. This is due not only to her solid educational background but her fascinating life experiences on which she is able to source guidance. She has a lovely spirit and approaches her clients in a warm loving way.  When I needed assistance in discovering meaning or required encouragement to overcome obstacles that presented themselves, that’s where she really shines! 

— K.S., Texas

Her mentorship and support has been integral to discerning my purpose.

For those who wants to live a purposeful life guided by your soul then Meggan is an essential guide for the journey.  Her mentorship and support has been integral to discerning my purpose.  Meggan is gifted in holding a safe container that allows for deep inquiry, imaginal realm visualizations, and careful prodding towards growth and ah ha moments that propel one's understanding of self and your unique place in this world.

— T. B., Colorado

"You are a very enthusiastic, happy and uplifting person."

You are also very gentle so you were able to gently move from one module to the next.  It was really great when you emailed me some thoughts, resources and insights.  Breakthroughs came during our Skype sessions while we talked.  You were able to guide me through the thought process to understand the meaning of some of the symbolism that came through the meditations. 

-- A. L., San Francisco, CA

"You have amazing insights and are a deep, truthful listener and have a loving way of delivering your insights."

I thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting over this work, and felt the safety of the space in working with you. I'm so grateful that you shared this program with me! As I worked through the process, it became very clear to me that this work was necessary, as I'd neglected not only my own self-care, but also taking the time to nourish my soul, listen to it and realize that my soul was starving for attention, for purpose, for a direction.

-- K. H., Seattle, WA