Our work is to help people explore their thriving edge—in the space where Mystery descends, soul's imagination emerges, personhood unfolds, and purpose longs to be in service of evolving humanity.

Our Focus

Purpose: We help people reveal their purpose and live it as an expression of their deepest values and unique gifts.

IdentityWe help people expand their capacities to respond to the multiplicity of life's experiences.

Wisdom: We help people become their own best teacher by listening for and cultivating inner wisdom through direct inquiry.


What We Offer

1-to-1 guidance

Live Online Programs

In-Person Groups

We guide people down beneath the noise of ego conditioning and cultural distractions—into the source of their deepest wisdom—to make contact with the truth of what they are and what brings them most alive.

Our duty is not to rise above life but to grow down into it.
— James Hillman

Who We Serve

Anyone with a longing to live their life with heart and meaning.

This includes business leaders, change agents, community leaders, career transition-ers, parents, artists/creatives, and more.


Our Name

Cor is the Latin root for heart, and Rem, purpose.