"Our duty is not to rise above life but to grow down into it." — James Hillman


You've probably landed here because you're at a crossroads of some kind. A new opportunity has presented itself, a crisis, disillusionment with work,

a loss of some kind (health, job, relationship), lack of clarity, stagnation, or dissatisfaction with the status quo which has caused the momentum of your life to come to a standstill. This is actually a gift.

These thresholds stir up big questions and many emotions including excitement for what the future might hold, or fear, anxiety, and insecurity

Two common experiences at a crossroads; we can seize up with indecision, or start grasping at ideas and opportunities in front of us. We aren't comfortable with the unknown and our instinct is to either close down, or get out of dodge as soon as possible.

But, what's really happening at our crossroads, is that our deepest yearning for meaning is trying to grab our attention. We may have been on autopilot for awhile, and our inner voice is saying, now is the time! 

So, how do we stand at out crossroads with patience while skillfully seeking a path forward?

Growing up. Waking up. Showing up.

There are three roads we walk on the pilgrimage to answer life's big questions—Who am I? How can I be happier? And, Why am I here?

One, is the road of growing up. This is the path of healing the psychological bruises that come with the territory of being a human on earth. Typically this is done through therapy or other means of self care. 

Another road, orients our life towards waking up, to something greater than our conditioned ego. This is often associated with meditation and spiritual practice. 

The third road, is the one we travel down and into the world, fully showing up  as our authentic self, to express our gifts, most often, in service of something greater than our own self interest. This is soul encounter work—coming into contact with our deepest wisdom and inborn purpose.

It's at the nexxus of waking up and showing up that I feel called to serve people who are seeking authentic meaning in their life. Showing up requires us to grow down into into the world and live the question: How do I bring my gifts to my people? Your people might be your community, organization, workplace, family, nation, or a global audience.

As a certified Purpose Guide, meditation/mindfulness teacher, and business leader, I offer a unique perspective for people who are seeking authentic purpose in their life and in their work.

Through 1-to-1 sessions, live classes, group workshops and retreats, I guide people down beneath the noise of ego conditioning, cultural distractions, and organizational responsibilities—into the source of their own deepest wisdom—to make contact with the truth of what they are and what brings them most alive.

I hope to meet you soon.


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People I serve


People who feel a sense of urgency to discover their calling and to step into the world alive with purpose—to positively contribute to the new evolutionary story that's unfolding.

This is for you if you are asking questions like:

How can I use my voice and talents to make a positive contribution to society?

What's the true meaning of work?

Is it possible to have a job that's soulful and rewarding?

What is my true purpose? 

I feel like I am stuck at a crossroads, how do I move forward?

Business and organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents 

Leaders who want to create a deeply authentic purpose-infused company, mission, service, or organization.

Or those who are seeking to discover their purpose and contribute to a sustainable, healthy, and socially responsible marketplace.

This is for you if you are asking questions like:

How can I deepen my organization's purpose?   

How can I better align my business to my personal values?

I am like I'm stagnating, what's my next step? 

I have so many ideas, how do I know which to choose?

What is our organization's true purpose?



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