Purpose Discovery

And you may ask yourself, “Well... how did I get here?”
— Talking Heads, Lyrics from Once In A Lifetime

Everyone is born with an inner seed of potential ready to be nurtured into existence. But the defensive psychological positions, family narratives, and cultural conditioning learned at an early age can prevent us from cultivating this unique gift.

Modern life makes it easy to sleepwork through our years without turning inward to reflect, examine, and connect with the mystery of who we are and what we are here to do. Some people thrive on this path and lead happy lives. While others feel dislocated from their "successful" life. 

At some point on your journey, you may hear soul whispering (or screaming) that there is something more you are here to do. It can feel like you're spinning in a wobbly orbit around a mysterious, timeless question, What is my purpose?

We guide people down and into their deepest longing and help them reveal their authentic purpose.


Guided Purpose Discovery: 1-to-1

12 wk discovery journey

A deep experiential dive into the life's essential question; What is my purpose? How can I orient my life to what has heart and meaning?

12 wks & 2 quarterly follow ups

1 hour weekly meetings

Phone or video conferencing.

Weekly practices, assignments and materials


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Guided Purpose Discovery: Groups

12 wk discovery journey

Same content as 1:1 Purpose Discovery, but we meet as a larger cohort—from 6-12 people.

Optional addititional 1-to-1 sessions






Purpose at Work: For Org/Business Leaders

Full-day guided session

Brody works with business leaders and small teams to define, deepen, and sharpen the purpose, vision, values, and giveaway that impels their work as an organization in the marketplace and society.




Purpose at Work:        The Giveaway

Full-day guided session

Regardless of the service or product you offer your clients, there is a transformational process that's indigenous to your unique purpose.

It's the soul DNA that informs everything you