Purpose At Work

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listen for what you are called to do vs "should" do

leading/infusing your business from a place of soulful purpose

living your deepest values through your livelihood

clarifying and deepening the niche your organization occupies in the immediate community, society and in the natural world.

burn out / disillusionment

attract allies/employees who share a similar set of values and vision for society




Purpose at Work

Deepening Your Purpose

Full-day guided session

Brody works with business leaders and small teams to define, deepen, and sharpen the purpose, vision, values, and giveaway that impels their work as an organization in the marketplace and society.




Purpose at Work:        The Giveaway

Full-day guided session

Regardless of the service or product you offer your clients, there is a transformational process that's indigenous to your unique purpose.

It's the soul DNA that informs everything you