12 Modules

Purpose Discovery work is oriented around 12 core modules which are explored through weekly experiential assignments.

Module 1

CARE OF THE SOUL: We begin our journey by turning towards and tending to one's soul, the essence of one's being.  We help you create the daily space for introspective work.  During this foundational module we also invite you gather a personal supportive community to help deepen the experience.  This module is about developing a soul worthy container

Module 2

PREPARING FOR THE JOURNEY: Once we have acknowledged and created the container for soul to emerge, we initiate the journey.  As Thomas Moore states:  "A Soul needs: a sense of home, deep friendship, a poet's ear for images and symbols, attention to dreams, the fine arts, an intimate relationship to the natural world, acquaintance with animals, memory in the form of storytelling or keeping old objects that have meanings."  We commit to the journey of discovery.

Module 3

DEFAULT PURPOSE PROCESS This module begins the deep exploration into understanding one's "default purpose".  Default purpose is the life we created that does not represent who we are at our core.

Module 4

DISCERNING YOUR PURPOSE: Through a variety of soul centering technologies you begin to identify the contours of your purpose.

Module 5

PURPOSE FACETS | SOUL & IMAGINATION: In this module you delve deeper into the Imaginal Realm and develop a stronger relationship with soul.

Module 6

SOUL QUEST PREPARATION & NATURE BASED ENCOUNTERS: Preparation for your Soul Quest begins. You’ll explore past, present and future

Module 7

WORKING WITH RESISTANCE:  A natural by-product of working towards your greater self, is the rising of the internal structures that have held us in place for so long.  These internal structures resist change.  In order to make lasting change, these structures need examining.

Module 8

COMPETING COMMITMENTS:   Sometimes desire is not enough to change.  People can create "antibodies" and become immune to change. This module takes the resistance work to a deeper level as we uncover the commitments we make to ourselves to stay fixed in non beneficial patterns.

Module 9

HIGH DEFINITION GIVEAWAY:  Defining your unique transformative process in high definition detail. Your giveaway is the heart of what you offer your audience as service—regardless of your job/career.

Module 10

SOUL QUEST / SOLO TIME IN NATURE:  A powerful full day in nature sitting at the threshold of change. Nature based transformation and soul encounter is at the heart of purpose discovery work.

Module 11

SOUL QUEST INTEGRATION:  As with any wisdom culture that practices rites of passage, we create time and structure for participants to integrate the insights and experience of their Soul Quest. We begin to weave the lessons and experiences into our life and actively carve out time on a daily basis to allow the lessons to work on us. 

Module 12

EMBODIMENT:  This module is a time of reflection.  We look back on all of our work as we re-engage with the eight facets and craft our purpose.