How can I use my voice and talents to make a positive contribution to society? What's the true meaning of work? Is it possible to have a job that's soulful and rewarding? What's my true purpose? 

If you are asking questions like these, you are not alone. The truth is, the answers can only be found within the person who's stumbled upon this page. There is no other place to turn. You are simply the first and last frontier for truth, wisdom, guidance and the direction of your life. 

Your longing and wisdom is whispering through your questions. Something within you knows that there's more you are meant to do with your life.

Are you ready to finally listen for it? To follow the rope down into the caves of your longing and discover what you are here to do? To reveal the unique purpose and find out how to be of service to your family, community, organization, marketplace, culture, the earth?

As a Purpose Guide, I offer a proven framework, practices, and a respectful, open-hearted container for you to dive into your questions with integrity.

Meditation is an integral part of my work. It helps people stay at the live edge of their unfolding and find a balance between being (stillness, silence, awareness, truth) and doing (soulful discovery work). 

As a certified Purpose Guide I help you dive beneath the noise of culture, ego-conditioning, and default scripts, so you can discover your authentic calling within soul's deep well of imagination and wisdom.

Throughout our work together I hold this as my main philosophy; you are your own guru. There is a story within you that needs to emerge. Only your soul wisdom knows what needs to be revealed in it's perfect time and manner. I am here to be a guide, ally, mirror, honest objective voice, and skillful course corrector.

People I Serve

Meaning Seekers, At-A-Cross-roaders, and Wisdom Holders who feel a sense of urgency to discover their calling, step into the world wide awake with purpose and be part of the unfolding evolutionary story.

Business and Organizational Leaders,  Entrepreneurs, and Change Agents who want to create a deeply authentic, purpose-infused company, mission, service, or organization. Or those who are seeking to discover their purpose and contribute to a sustainable, healthy, and socially responsible marketplace.


Individual & Group Programs


Guided 1:1 Purpose Discovery

12 week discovery journey

A deep experiential dive into the fundamental question What is my purpose? 

1 hour weekly meetings by phone or video conferencing.

Weekly practices, assignments, and accountability.


Purpose at Work: StoryCatching Sessions

Half-day or Full-day facilitated sessions

Brody works with business leaders and small teams to define, deepen, and sharpen the purpose, vision, values, and giveaway that impels their work as an organization in the marketplace.


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Guided Purpose Discovery Groups

12 week discovery journey

Same content as 1:1 Purpose Discovery, but we meet as a larger cohort—typically 8-12 people. There's an option to add 1:1 sessions.


Purpose at Work: The Giveaway

Full-day facilitated session

Regardless of the service or product you offer your clients, there is a transformational process that's indigenous to your unique purpose.

It's the soul DNA that informs everything you 


SoulWise Inquiry Sessions

75 Minute 1:1 Sessions

A 75 min. guided journey—beneath the conditioning of ego and the noise of cultural distraction—leading you to the heart of your question and discerning your wise response.


Purpose at Work: Retreat in Asheville, NC

Coming in 2018!

1-2 day custom designed retreats for business and organizational leaders, small groups, or solo pracitioners.